No Carbs

It all started when my brother decided to lose weight. The deal was that he was not going to eat any carbs. These includes bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, oatmeal is an exception though. It has been 3 months when he started and… he lost 17 pounds, from being overweight he became normal. 

Because of that, I decided, I’ll lose weight too! No more carbs for me! I started two weeks ago, and so far I’ve lost about 3 pounds. Not bad, it’s working pretty well. It was hard, because I loved carbs and now I have to give it up for lettuce. Eating out is a challenge, I can’t eat in fast food restaurant and I became a pretty picky eater. I can only eat certain foods.

Especially here in the Philippines, it isn’t considered a meal without rice. So, I have to pick carefully. Something that I’ve learned from this diet would be learning how to say no. Learning how to say no to pizza even though you love it so much and saying no once you’ve had enough food for a meal. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to reject it. #selfdiscipline

I really do want to continue with this diet, and now that I’m in it already for two weeks, it would be hard to stop. I mean, you invested in it already, might as well make it work. Time for an awesome and healthy 2014! Let’s make it happen! 


I wish you were…

I wish you were my VP.

I was caught off guard, I didn’t know how to respond. But this really means a lot to me. 

To Hate is Addicting

I am a hater. I judge base on impressions. I nit pick on details.

So, yeah, you get it. But the thing is, it is just so fun. There’s something so fulfilling in pointing out the wrongness of something or someone else simply, because it’s not you. Maybe hating is a sign of our insecurities. Making the person feel like crap while keeping up with a facade that you are high and mighty but in truth, you are just like them. 

Hate is also kind of confusing. It is not the opposite of love, but indifference is. It makes me wonder, does it mean that to hate is also another form of love? An unrefined love? Hating involves passion, getting riled up over something. And, it points directly to caring… right? 

But, it can be incredibly toxic. To swim in all that negative energy can make anyone go insane. It is only the time when you let go of the anger when you can be free of it. 



Leaders inspire…

Leaders inspire us because they bring out the best in us.-Umair Haque from HBR

Something to note. 

Books for 1st semester

Books for 1st semester

Starting my first semester as a Business Administration student. Excited.

I guess one major change coming from a different course is that, I need to self-study. Read the book before class, make notes, take down notes and do all the exercises. Teachers won’t even tell you to read the book, it’s understood that you will before they start their class. Despite all the readings, I’m still so excited. I hope this fire won’t die out in the middle of the semester.

Bum Life

Bumming is a double edged sword. 

After a week long of school, org work and other things, bumming is the best thing to do. But too much of it, will cause you your life. 

I have identified the phases of bumming. (because I have gone through it and it would usually go like this)

1-3 days: You sleep around 12 midnight or earlier because you’re just tired from the week before. Still settling in around the house, figuring what to do during the break. You go out a few times. 

3-7 days: This time you have probably found something that is time consuming. It could be a drama, a book or an RPG game. Something that you’re going to be obsessed with.

7-10 days: You turn into a night owl. Sleeping in the morning and waking up at night. You’re too comfortable at home to even leave the house. This is the time when you get fat. 

10-12 days: Mandatory bounce back from bum life because you just have too or your habits isn’t making you feel good anymore. 

Well, this is just something I’ve conjured up. It could be completely false but my bum life goes that way. Currently, I’m in day 3-7 days. I’ve found so many things to be obsessed with, a drama and Sims 3. eek. Though I might have to cut it short because school is starting soon. So, I’m making the most out of it.

I have a dinner later and I’m too lazy to go out. But I will go anyway. :

EB Diaries: May Recap

So what happened during May? To sum up, these were the events.

1. Awards’ Night- Well, nothing much to say here except that we won the Local Committee Excellence Award. The event is actually more of a pressure and inspiration.

I guess something to take note, it won’t matter if you get the award or not. As long as you know that you’ve done your best and you’ve reached your goals. Hopefully, I’ll get to remind myself that when the time comes. I really want to win the award though. (I don’t like losing) #competitive

2. Local Committee Conference- It’s a conference for the local committee. duh. HAHA Well, here we prepared sessions for the members. And we started very late. It was definitely crammed. None of us has delivered sessions before but I think we winged it? I was even fun master. WHAT. HAHA. The EB thinks I’m funny. but seriously, no. We’re in need of fun masters in the LC. The EB was happy that a lot of people got to attend. It really is a milestone, compared to previous LCC. However, the idea of LCC was altered. It is normally an overnight and people drinking more. But due to housing constraints, we couldn’t do any of it. It’s fun though.

Crazy tiring. Who knew that fixing logistics, food and being facilitators at the same time can be so tiring? When I got home, I hit the sack right away and slept like a baby. Even the next day, I couldn’t function normally.

3. Coaching Visit

There’s a mandatory coaching visit from the MC. It’s good because it pointed out what needs to be done to be a functioning LC. And there were a lot. Overwhelming actually. I was bombarded with highfalutin words such as total quality management and risk assessment. We made it through, with more deliverables more than ever.

That’s it for noww. More in the future!




EB Diaries: Before the term 1314

Before May 1

The term supposedly started on May 1, but that’s not true and wasn’t exactly what happened to us. May 1 is sorta a fake way of celebrating a new term, when everyone changes their roles and make it into “VP for…” and add them in the FB group. But this is just for formalities sake.

As EBe then, there were a lot of preparations before hand. Ideally, all teams should be ready to handle all operations. All files and knowledge be transitioned. EBe has done their planning for the next term. It’s a given that we needed to plan, plan and plan.

During that time though, the current EB has sort of left us midway or made us handle it. There was no closure from them. So, even their problems were left for us to handle. Well, it’s fine, okay but some left us hanging with no help whatsoever.

The point is, work starts way before May 1. It starts the day when you are formally elected. Plans should more or less be finalized if you are.

Balancing Director Role and EBe Role

Before, my role was Director for Exchange Selection. I make the applicants go through the screening process and get them raised in the system. Since I have to prepare my plans for the next term (which consists of tons of EBe meetings, transition, planning and don’t forget acads), doing the director roles was… hard. So, operations stopped for a while. Plus, I was handling some EP accounts already for matching. Since, Trish disappeared for thesis, I was appointed to get things sort of working.

Soo yeah, the work is taxing so there’s really hardly anytime to still do the role. It would be best to appoint someone to do it for the mean time.


EB Diaries

I have been wanting to start this at the start of my term on May 1, 2013 but school and other things got in the way. so yes. I’m officially doing this regularly! 

I would like to give this to my successor who I have no idea as of the moment. Hopefully, you would be able to get some things out from this diary. 🙂 

Presence is 50%…

Presence is 50% results.

Of course, if you’re not there, then how are you able to do something.